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SEQTOR design and manufacture advanced mission critical  equipment for Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies and Special Forces. Our expertice is based on more than 25 years of domain knowledge in areas such as SIGINT, COMINT, Tactical Frequency Monitors, Audio & Video solutions and advanced Remote Command & Control Systems.
Remote controllable battery solutions and power supplies with on demand feedback such as voltage levels, current consumption and temperature
Distance up to 10 kilometers / 6 miles
Advanced DC -DC Up/Down converters with remote control capabilities
Remote controllable relays and switches
Wireless Trigger Systems
Programmable Frequency Scanners & Monitors with Trigger Options and GPS
Remote controllable Audio & Video recorders with feedback
Advanced Audio Forensic Filtering System
Custom Solutions
Remote Command & Control solutions OVER-THE-HORIZON - IoT with no hassle!
Cloud enabled solutions for controlling just about  anything!  - Simply Connect!
PROXY C2 Overview
To try the demo  setup here at our offices in Denmark please follow these instructions